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1/2 Day Island Tours:

Starting from the city, tour to Fort Charlotte, Botanical Gardens and the Mesopotamia Valley.
Return by the coastal road.
This tour includes: transportation, guide on tour, and more especially at the Botanical gardens, history of St. Vincent, Fort Charlotte, Mesopotamia Valley and Banana Production, economy and technique of production. Drinks on board.

S - E COAST, 3 hrs
Overlooking the Mesopotamia Valley, Montreal Gardens is a real gem: 7 acres of flowers, plants and trees gently grown for the pleasure of your eyes. The new owner is a well known European landscaper, Timothy Vaughan, who is now dedicating himself to it and makes it as one of the most beautiful gardens in the Caribbean.
This tour includes: transportation, guide and drinks in the garden under a canopy. Stops are also made along the trip at places of interest. Special guidance in the garden and on banana production.

3. HADLEY’S BLOOM, 4 hrs
Situated in North Union, on the North Eastern coast, Hadley’s bloom is one of the most modern flower farms in the tropic.
25 acres of anthuriums, orchid, alpinia, heliconias and much more, grown under the most modern cultivation methods. Mr Hadley received a special award from the University of Hawaii for his achievement.
Also of the farm: the production of vitro plants of banana.
This visit includes: One guide per bus, Sightseeing trip through the Mesopotamia Valley, guided visit of the coast line.

We recommend this tour to those interested in agriculture and horticulture.

We start from Kingstown (the capital) and head for the Vermont Forest on the Leeward highway, passing Campden Park, the industrial estate and the beautiful Buccament Valley. There are two trails through the forest, for a walk of respectively 40 mins and 1 hr,15 mins: This walk done under the guidance of our trained guides constitutes a good and captivating introduction to the rain forest and wildlife. Bird lovers will also enjoy the flight of Amazona Guildinguii the parrot and the warbling of Catharopesa Bishop.
Our special Sailor’s Wilderness Tours class notes on eco-system and rain forest, and refreshments are available.

5. BICYCLE TOUR, 4 hrs
Tour of Kingstown, Botanical Gardens, Prospect, Diamond Estate - Tour old estate dirt road at Diamond, return to your hotel.
A special Sailor’s tour for athletic visitors.
We provide: guide, mountain bikes, drinks and support vehicles.

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