St.Vincent & the Grenadines
Main Features of interest for a Cruise Ship Vacationer

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an archipelago of more than 30 islands located between St. Lucia in the north and Grenada in the south. However, just eight of them are really occupied.

St. Vincent
St. Vincent is a volcanic island with a fantastic landscape and lush rain forests.
What characterizes this island in comparison with its 'sisters' (St. Lucia, Dominica,....) is certainly its volcano.
Still active but very monitored, St. Vincent volcano is splendid: a perfect shape, a dome in its center, pushed up by the magma from the depths of the earth; a moonlike landscape that takes your breath away.
The island offers also, a certain number of attraction such as our parrot Amazona Guildinguii, most beautiful of the Caribbean that can be observed in the rain forest, a few water falls such as
Baleine Falls, Trinity Falls and Darvue Falls, and some gardens either historically known - Botanical Garden - or the private and newer Montreal Garden in the Mesopotamia Valley. The main human activity here is farming: Bananas for the UK, fruits, root crops, such as sweet potato, yam, dasheen and eddo or tannia.
Vegetables for the local consumption and also flowers such as anthuriums for export in the US are also grown here. Arrowroot, a very specific crop to St. Vincent may also interest our visitors.

The volcano for the hikers, the rain forest and water falls for the walkers, our parrot for bird lovers, our gardens and farms for those interested in these areas, will therefore be the main centers of curiosity and fun for our visitors in St. Vincent.
Black sand beaches or bicycling around may also attract some.

Main Grenadine island with an area of seven square miles and a population of 5000 sea-faring people. Bequia is a charming island, where we always feel like being on holidays.

Between the many beaches and the little town of Port Elizabeth, the tourist will feel at ease.
Three centers may also be of interest for him: The making of model boats, the turtle sanctuary and the whale museum.
  • Model boats are a tradition here, the youth replicating the fishing boats made by their father.

  • The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary dates back to 1995, and is due to brother King, a former fisherman who noticed the decrease in the population of sea turtles. This marine conservation project is located in Park Beach.

  • The Whale Museum was founded by the late Othneal Ollivierre, ‘the last whale hunter’, who threw his harpoon by hand. No danger for the whales since the international law allows for the catch of only two animals per year.

Sailing around Bequia and I’Isle de Quatre of diving may be of course on the program.

Island of the ‘rich and famous’, may attract some on a sailing excursion from St. Vincent or Bequia.

Southern Grenadines, Tobago Cays;
Paradise Islands
The jewels of the Caribbean with their unspoiled white sand beaches and colourful marine life. Sailing, Snorkeling. Diving, or just lazing on the beach, in the Paradise.

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